Useful Software Downloads

This is a collection of the best niche software, most of it is free, shareware, or available for a free trial.

Featured Useful Software

A large directory of great software, freeware and shareware. The programs in this section have been selected by me because I have found them particularly useful. I am not affiliated with the publishers of these software programs in any way. There is a large demand for useful free software, or shareware. However not all of it is good. This directory reviews and lists the best free software available.

Thumbnail Photogallery Generator

The best thumbnail gallery generator there is. This software works with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. Easy to use software for creating online photo albums. Free download (trial) available.

Article Equalizer

Software takes articles from various public sources and combines them into content rich, topical websites.

Evrsoft Word Processor

The best free html editor. Paid upgrade is available but the free version works great too.

File Renamer

Have you ever had to rename hundreds of files. This free program will do it for you in seconds.

Expired Domain Finder

Find expired domains.

Index Maker

Makes links to all files in any give directory including its subdirectories. Free.

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