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Seed Word: computer
New Word:computerscopy
Meaning: “observation of computer”

Seed Word: woman
New Word:counterwoman
Meaning: “contrary or opposite of woman”

Seed Word: man
New Word:manation
Meaning: “process, state or action of man”

Seed Word: google
New Word:googleize
Meaning: “to cause to be or to become google”
Naturally I Googled googleize and found 1,490 results on Google. It is also an antry in the Urban Dictionary of Slang where it is used, incorrectly, I think, to mean to search on Google. For that definition, I prefer the verb to google. Whereas googleize could be used to describe the growing pervasiveness of the Google search engine and its effect on the internet and society.

Seed Word: porn
New Word:pornolatry
Meaning: “the worship of porn

This is a great new word, which says a lot about our porn obsessed culture. Unfortunately this word is only in limited use. A google search of pornolatry found only a few entries.

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