The New Word Generator at creates new words by combining existing words with actual English prefixes and suffixes.

Here are some words created with the Dislexicon: The English Language Extender

Seed Word: generator
New Word:rhizogenerator or rhizo-generator
Meaning: “root generator”

Seed Word: internet
New Word:metainternet
Meaning: “changed from or later than internet”

Seed Word: internet
New Word:internetology
Meaning: “science, theory or study of internet”
This is actually a really good word! I Googled Internetology and it seems that this word is actually in limited use, though it is not a dictionary word. Unfortunately all of the top level domains for this word were already taken.

Seed Word: website
New Word:websiteial
Meaning: “of, relating to, or characterized by website”

Seed Word: Sex
New Word: isosex or iso-sex
Meaning: “equal sex”

1058 people have entered the word sex a total of 2329 times

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