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Here is a sample of what was generated by the automatic song writing tool.


If you are ballpoint pen-like, say casually.
You won't feel me.
You obtusely nominate sir chunk.
Who did curious volvos free?
We plant doctor superfluous.
Marble licker-gangster did blanches madame big bag of gayness.

How don't you blaze?
I jinked thier paths!

And you choose happy coroner!
Bye bye...
How don't you bow down to a licker's abassynians?
Never tarnished us!
But bye bye.
Why didn't you mull over the possibilities of yourself?
Daffodil isn't bonerific.

We chris geer not?
Bye bye.
We degenerate my imperfect licker.

And when don't you spout?
My soothsayer inside my embryo mumbles damaged.
But my soothsayer doesn't sundered yourself!

And john aprea and my soothsayer smells very bad wumboastically

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