Have you ever pondered this question: Has anyone ever made a good living by stealing digestive juice? Does this question make you wonder, who would buy it? How would I get it?

If so, check out the MadLib BrainStormer which generates crazy ideas and brainstorms. Guaranteed to produce some demented ideas.

Here is a sample of brainstroms created with this tool.

Can you make disappearing better? Will whiting help?

Has anyone ever made a really good rioting tract housing?

Can you use a thyroid rye grass to make nevoid elephantiasis better?

List five ways to record an afflictive pyromorphite.

How can fettuccine Alfredo help improve spongioblast?

Go linearly come to life yourself you pertinently spiritizing gauche electrodynamometer.

Consider seductively butylating an adaptable tug.

How can primary dentition help improve plunge?

Go headlong opacify yourself you brilliantly tempering faineant fraxinella.

Consider pertinently staging an ungusseted wet.

Draw a picture of a city man with better pate.

Can you use an adaxial looking to make pars distilis better?

Go altogether opacify yourself you demoniacally powwowing achromatinic king penguin.

Go unfairly magnify yourself you simultaneously increasing predatory crap.

Can you make crushing better? Will beef Stroganoff help?

Can you make skim overing better? Will piassava palm help?

What interesting ways can you combine a loblolly with a shoelace?

Has anyone ever made a really good staging computer circuit?

Can you use an afflictive camera angle to make joss better?

Has anyone ever made a really good steeling digestive juice?

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