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Random Person Generator

Creates a randomly generated man with a set of likes and dislikes, and a uniquely drawn face everytime you refresh the page. Really neat.

Squirrel Name Generator

Get in touch with your inner squirrel. Type in your name and receive your new squirrel name. In my case, I was renamed Major McNutt

Tombstone Generator

The tombstone generator lets you input text and have it appear carved on the image of a tombstone. Morbid.

Random Disease Generator

Have you noticed that the drug company ads seem to be coming up with more and more diseases that they can cure you of. This site will create a new disease just for you. In my case, I was given seven minutes to live after contractinge bacterial flatulence, aplastic variety!

Victorian Sex Cry

Even the Victorians had sex. But they were very prim and proper about it. This generator creates sexual euphemism even a Victorian would have been proud of. For example: "Swallow it all and be glad, for a shilling I've paid and a shilling's worth I'll be having!"

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