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Web Site Idea Generator

Provides random ideas for a website. Here's one: A hypertext mission that brings into mainstream cycles in hyperthreaded ideas

The Euphemism Generator

The Euphemism Generator creates naughty sounding euphemisms. For example: For one of his intelligence, he was remarkably adept at laminating the wife's sheets. OR: Oblivious to the crowd of observers that was forming, the couple resumed poking the banana. The site says it can create can create up to 245,829,668 unique phrases! See also My Sister Stole My Boyfriend.

Ebay Feedback Generator

Are you too lazy to think of something to post on Ebay's feedback. This generator will build a positive or negative feedback comment. Here is an example of a negative feedback: The item was dreadful! Terrible delivery. The packaging was exceptionally awful. The item was horrendous. Quality of the wrapping was terrible. Sluggish to send. Item horrible. Very appalling packaging. Delivery was immensely late. Disgusted. Item was of bad quality! The packaging was notably plain. Ever so slow delivery. Quality of item was terrible! Dreadful packaging. Exceptionally shoddy delivery. Terrible quality! Appalling packaging. Immensely late dispatch. Immensely angry. Shoddy quality! Immensely terrible delivery. Shoddy packaging. Remarkably angry. Item was of horrendous quality! Ever so shoddy delivery. Packaging was horrible. Item was of terrible quality. The packaging was remarkably plain. Slow delivery. Item terrible. Exceptionally dreadful delivery. Packaging was shoddy. Disgusted.

Nostradamus Quatrain Generator

Be a prophet like Nostradamus. This generator will produce quatrains like the ones Nostradamus wrote. Here is one: Nostradamus Says... Earth-shaking fire from the center of the Earth Will be found in the temple of the Vestals Sword and lance before heaven is observed as serene When the dead will come out of their graves

Country Song Generator

Write a country song in just seconds. Here are some lyrics:

When I Met Her 
Ooooh ... 
    I met her at a truck stop singing opera.
        I can still recall the stolen goods she wore.
    She was drownin' in the quicksand with Led-Zeppelin,
        And I knew we really lost the last World War.

Well ... 
    I promised her I'd pick my nose forever.
        She said to me her basset hound was shy.
    But who'd have thought she'd freak out with a robot.
        She freaked out on the lawn and screamed goodbye 

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