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Seed Word: peace
New Word:peacelogy
Meaning: “science, theory or study of peace”

Seed Word: cancer
New Word:cancerator
Meaning: “one that acts in the manner of cancer”

Seed Word: divorce
New Word:unidivorce
Meaning: “one or a single divorce”

Seed Word: divorce
New Word:divorceist
Meaning: “one that performs, produces or believes in divorce”, such as a divorce attorney. [In case you are wondering whehter my choice of words reveals something about my personality, I am in fact happily married.]

Seed Word: stupid
New Word:interstupid
Meaning: “between or in the midst of stupid” [As in the t-shirt, I'm with stupid.]

Seed Word: internet
New Word:internetitis
Meaning: “inflammation or disease of internet”

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