You do not have to be insightful or self-absorbed to write your own online journal. This handy little tool creates apathetic journal entries in seconds. Now you too can sound coolly detached and disinterested in the world around you.

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I guess it doesn't bother me

I can't be bothered with anything these days. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow. Shrug. My mind is like a bunch of nothing, but so it goes. Today was a complete loss.

Current Mood: spiritless

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What can I say?

I've just been hanging out doing nothing. That's how it is. My mind is like a void. I just don't have much to say , but such is life. Oh well.

Current Mood: dispassionate

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Such is life

Basically nothing going on right now. I guess it doesn't bother me. I've pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning. Eh.

Current Mood: neutral

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