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Subject: my sister stole my boyfriend

Kisses up and down my body, a sexy look, being taken forcefully.

My sister delivers me a chocolate layer cake and when I inspect the frosting there are all these little doors and flaps in there. But Jon and been watching the encounter and remained at bay purposely in order to let me say what I had to say to Andrew. Turned off by MTVs disinterest in their age demographic, and yet not willing to admit that they are themselves too old to enjoy musicparticularly live showsthese people pretend or at least present themselves as passionate music fans, but only direct that passion to one of two areas. Because if dancing is like fucking, then standing on the perimeter watching dancers look foolish is like standing next to a bed & watching a couple go at it while scrutinizing the way their flesh looks in this light. What should the Fiery One and I name them?

Once again I don't know what to expect, but I'm happy and excited in that same kind of way, because of that blessed unfamiliarity. What Color Eyes Should You Have?

I dunno, I have loved and lost so many times I don't recall the never too well anymore... I thought I wouldn't have to be strong because you were strong, and that was all that mattered. I went with alicia which was cool.. because she got to be a part of our prayer group and it ended up being good for her which ill get back to later... church was awesome and worship was good but the best part came during the sermon... the church just got back from their mission trip to el salvador and so of course they shared their experience as best they could with us... there was a movie.. and just.. the things i saw.. really tore me apart. She brought her boyfriend, Josh, my friend that i'm starting to have a little crush on, Todd, and this other guy, lets call him Sparkman, with her.

We obviously had some time so Michael and I went and got donuts.

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