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Subject: what should I do

Thus, it should come as no suprise to anyone that I dressed up for work today. And then getting her to arrange a time with Lynn, so that I can tell her just with me and Tal there. So how the fuck am I supposed to tell this girl that I cant handle seeing her when apparently everyone else can..? Apparently there is one whole wall of the men's room that is a waterfall.... and that's the urinal! I've heard it said that even the best job can be rotten if you dont like the people you work with.... but I don't like people a whole lot anyways so it honestly doesnt matter that much to me.

Oh margret, did you hear that old Betty Lou fell down and broke her hip yesterday? But in the meantime, be well and happy, and I hope that Life is treating you and yours kindly.

I had already gone outside to smoke, so I didnt see any of this, but I know the boyfriend was pissed about the whole thing!

I only procrastinate with things I don't care about, and try to perfect the things that I am proud of. They're pretty intertwined, but I don't trust someone to stay with me, to not end a relationship, or to not want things that could damage the relationship.

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