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  • It's forbidden to allow a minor to operate a bathtub unsupervised in Davidson, Missouri.
  • According to Hawaii law, it's prohibited to annoy any dog within a mile of a public school.
  • In Denver, Oklahoma, it's a misdemeanor to read a newspaper upside-down.
  • In East Altamont, North Dakota, it's a crime to use a clothes dryer on a sunny day.
  • Under the Missouri State Constitution, it's punishable by a $4,000 fine to hit a fireman over the head with a ice cream scoop.
  • It's a misdemeanor in Loami, Maryland to attend church without bringing a loaded gun to ward off Indian attacks.
  • Under the Massachusetts State Constitution, it's forbidden to use the saying "Life is like a bowl of cherries" unless you know what it really means.
  • Under the Hawaii State Constitution, it's a felony to ice skate on an outdoor pond during the summer.
  • It's a felony to give alcohol to any eagle without a license according to Nebraska law.
  • It's a misdemeanor in Upper Springs, Mississippi to whistle while in a swimming pool.
  • It's unlawful to make faces at a horse under the Georgia State Constitution.
  • In Botelmville, Wisconsin, it's punishable by a $3,000 fine for a thunderstorm to hit during a parade.
  • It's unlawful in Yellow Elm, Minnesota to refer to an elderly person as a "geezer" without a license.
  • Under the North Carolina State Constitution, it's against the law to hold a comb within your mouth.
  • It's a violation of the law in Wichita, Delaware to show a frown in public.
  • According to New Mexico law, it's a Class C misdemeanor to loiter in front of a clergyman's house.
  • It's a violation of the law in Kristian Ridge, Rhode Island to write an editorial about "stupid laws".
  • It's forbidden to chew gum while drinking alcohol in Wyoming.
  • In La Garber County, Vermont, it's a misdemeanor to ride a bicycle while drinking alcohol.
  • It's forbidden in Blue Gum, North Dakota for a person to wear a cowboy hat unless they own more than two cows.
  • It's unlawful to operate a microbrewery within a mile of a basketball game according to Texas law.
  • In Betta City, Indiana, it's forbidden to put live squirrels in your pants for the purposes of fortunetelling.
  • In Michigan, it's unlawful to read a newspaper upside-down.
  • It's a Class B felony in North Bridge, South Dakota to belch in the evening.
  • In Washington, it's illegal for a man to give his prom date a box of candy costing less than $28 or weighing less than 28 pounds.

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