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It has been said that a million monkeys hitting the keyboard randomly would eventually produce all of the works of Shakespeare. I read somewhere that someone actually tried this experiment, though with a lot fewer monkeys, and the results were far from random and did not even produce the writings of Harold Robbins. It seems that real monkeys are fond of certain letters and will tend to pound the same key over and over again.

Moreover, the concept of producing meaningful text from random letters is inherently flawed. The monkey would first have to be lucky enough to pound the letters in the right combination to produce a real English word. Once that happened, the monkey would have to hit the jack pot again and again, otherwise the budding sentence would end with a random series of letters. However, even if the monkey managed to creat a series of actual words, through nothing but random text generation, the odds would be against those words meaning anything or following the rules of grammar. In other words, even if the monkey produces words by typing randomly, those words have to be thematically linked, and in the right order for the sentence to be meaningful. The odds are astronomoically high against any hypothetical monkey randomly producing any meaningful text, let alone exactly duplicating the works of Shakespeare word for word.

Fortunately, we don't need monkeys. We can program computers to generate random text from a vocabulary, and even follow grammatical rules. The results are often funny, while at other times you have to wonder there might actually be the soul of a poet trapped inside the computer.

Featured Random Text Generators

Random Text

This tool creates dummy text by jumbling words and phrases from popular television series and other pop culture sources.

Stupid Laws Generator

There are a number of lists of stupid or absurd laws floating around the internet. I don't know if anyone has ever bothered to check the authenticity of these laws but I suspect that most of them are made up. Now you can make up your own stupid laws list with this random generator. Makes a great tool for politicians wishing to develop new legislation!

Fake Tech News Articles

You have probably seen blog postings and bulletin board discussions about the latest electronic gizmos and developments in the tech industry. You may have wondered, How do these guys know so much? Well maybe they don't know anything. Here is a program that creates realistic and authoritative-sounding articles, complete with comments, about fictitious companies and the latest geek gossip.

Random Song Lyrics

Is your goal to write the next Top 10 hit and retire to a yacht in the Mediterranean. Here is a tool that let's you write random song lyrics. They are so bad they might just become a hit.

Online Journal Entry Generator

Are you too lazy to write in your own online journal. Here is a generator that does it for you! See also the Automatic Blog Entry Generator which lets you create blog entries automatically on any topic you want.

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