More automatic text generators. These generators create realistic prose, poetry and even academic essays.

Featured Random Text Generators

Automatic Blog Entry Generator

Give this generator a topic (for example "My sister stole my boyfriend!") and it will create verbose, and empathetic blog entries on any subject you want. It's really neat.

Bad Poetry Generator

Be a poet, a very bad poet with this random Bad Poetry Generator

Free Essays

I suppose you get what you pay for, but this online generator will write an essay for you on any topic you give it. The website claims that someone got an +A from his teacher after submitting one of these essays. If you decide to stake your academic career on this essay generator, please do so at your own risk.

Word Maker

This interesting little tool builds new words by combining English suffixes and prefixes to any word you give it. The results are actually plausible. Great for creating neologisms!

Spontaneous Academic Papers

Have you ever listened to a professor or some supposed expert drone on at a conference and had no clue what he or she was talking about? Well, there is a chance that the paper they were delivering was completely nonsense gibberish created by the academic article generator.

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