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The Post Modernist Essay Generator

Have you ever wanted to write and write and yet not really say anything? This is not an easy art to master. Fortunately, this little text generator will do the work for you. It is said that one of the random essays created in this way was actually accepted for publication. Cool. See also the Academic Papers Generator and the Essay Generator.

Lipsum Text Maker

Do you need meaningless filler text for your website? The latin text which begins with lorem ipsum is the standard dummy text for both traditional print and electronic media. This website creates lorem ipsum text on demand, and formats it for you as well. Lorem Ipsum is also known as: Greeked text, blind text, placeholder text, dummy content, and filler text. This site offers even more lorem ipsum formatting options, while this one offers placeholder text based on English language television series.

Random Proverb Generator

The Random Proverb Generator mangles various proverbs and creates new wisdom.

Random Idea Generator

Are you short on ideas and creativity. Have no fear, the random idea generator will give you the spark you need.

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