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|Add This Page to is a directory and archive of webmaster resources, online tools, and cool stuff such as free graphics and backgrounds.

In keeping with our fondness for online generators of all sorts, we attach a review of our site, created by a computer program.


Review of Free Web Tools and Generators

"I just saw <>. Don't get me wrong, I expected the creator to achieve only the best. Supreme. Seeing Free Web Tools and Generators, I'm simply speechless. What a great page! There are 7,313 characters in the source for this page, which is an awesome length for search engine bots. The URL has 27 characters. That's just the right size.
Supreme. The color scheme is minimalist, pure feng shui. The page contains 25 links, a superb amount. The document is classy.
It must have taken weeks to complete the page. If only the Opera Homepage would have a high-quality page like that. A page true to the spirit of the web."
-- Ted Bell, Daily Net News

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