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Fantasy Name Generator

What would your name be if you were an ancient Egyptian, a Celt, a Roman, or a Viking. This random name generator will give you the alias you always wanted.

Fairy Tale Generator

Make your own fairy tales by selecting from various themes and fairy tale cliches. You can also choose to emulate various fairy tale authors such as the Brothers Grimm and build a fairy tale in their style.

This is an example of a short fairy tale built with this generator:

When I turned around seeking an open pathway, I was surprised to find that the stream surrounded me on all sides. The serpent from across the way beckoned me with his tongue, unfurling it out over the water. The tongue almost touched my shoes "If you need to get across, walk over on this. But please walk gently, for if you don't you may slide and fall off, and no one will ever find you again."

I gave him my satchel and shoes as he asked me, then I shed my clothes as he advised me to do. "Wear this," he said, and he shed his own skin. It fell off in a pile on the soil floor looking like a tablecloth used in my home. When I clothed myself in his skin I no longer smelled like my home or the valley. Instead I became like the men on the mountain. I smelled distinctly foreign. I thanked the man and watched as he dressed himself in my own clothes. He said he would wear them until new skin grew on his back.

As the cinnamon fell on my eyelids I felt a burden shift onto my shoulders. I could not open my eyes but could tell my knees were sunk halfway into the weak soil. I heard the old woman exhaust her laughter into my ears, filling them with tones of mockery and deceit.

My ring and shoes vanished under the guise of morning.

I left with these things, the only things left in a house barren. I left wearing the leather-bottomed shoes grandmother blessed before she died. I left mother nibbling on her fingers in want of food.

A woman from the mountain dressed in dragon scales walked down towards me. Her feet were as bare as mine but that did not seem to matter, because wherever she stepped her feet did not make a sound. "I hear of a man who can perform miracles. He walks across the soil without danger and carries with him his father's ring. Are you this man?"

When I touched the needle it magically fell loose and landed on the inside of my palm.

When I placed the needle I had taken on my palm, it moved in the direction where I needed to go. The bones taken from the ground shielded me from any harm.

As I approached the top of the mountain a white spectacle blinded me for an instant. When I blinked again I saw a white dragon shifting over the mountain like a layer of foam riding ocean waves. I could tell by its movement that it was a territorial creature; I could tell that it would fight me before allowing me to press further.

When he placed his hand upon me he let out a great cry and then vanished into the earth.

From within the bowels of the creature I found my leather bottomed shoes and ring that father left to me. There at the top of the mountain I decided to bury my father's bones.

Waves of comfort and relief washed over my tired limbs as my father and mother embraced and kissed me. The familiar sights of my home and scents of my family soothed me so much that I nearly forgot the heavy pack I had carried for hours on my back, a sack filled with treasures I had collected throughout my journey to bring back to my family.

As mother embraced me, she looked at my brothers with great disdain and hurt.

I watched as a hammer blasted the head of my lying neighbor into the ground. The blood that came from their bodies seeped into the soil and appeased any anger towards me or my Father.

A girl with snow white hair came to the house later that day, looking for the man with the leather-bottomed shoes and coat of dragon scales. She told me she was betrothed to that man who had taken her creature form and made her human. She reminded me of the mountain. She was beautiful.

Graffiti Generator

No need to inhale spray can fumes or get nabbed by the police. Tag these electronic walls with digital graffiti. Here is an example:

graffiti generator

Funny Picture Generator

Add funny text captions to a selection of pictures. This is one I made for DomainWalrus.com:

funny pictures

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